Bang Bang You're Dead Cast

IndyFringe Information

Hey, Millers!

Remember that post way, way back at the start of the summer about the IndyFringe? If not, you can click the link here: and figure out what I’m talking about. However, if you do remember, as promised, here is more information about Bang Bang You’re Dead.

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Speech State 2014

Miller Speech Team Takes on Kansas!

On Saturday, June 14, our very own Noblesville Miller Speech Team heads out to Overland Park, Kansas for the 2014 National Speech & Debate Tournament. Out of 110 Districts in the nation, the top 130,000 students are chosen to compete in the largest academic competition in the world. This year Pete Freeman (Graduate), Chase Elliott (Graduate), Lily Schwab (Senior) and David Pimley (Senior) represent the Millers as they compete in 3 of the events at the National Tournament. Continue reading

IndyFringe Logo

IndyFringe Festivities

I, like all of you, cannot even begin to dream of the next school year starting. To hold off the dreaded day of August 4th as long as possible I have found many ways to procrastinate: watch all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, finish an entire package of Oreos by myself in one sitting and go to the 10th anniversary of the IndyFringe Theatre Festival.

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Social Media Manager Co-Chatt takes the scene

Hey guys, it’s CoChatt coming at you live from the library to let you know I’m the new Social Media Manager for I’m super excited to spread the word about the school and we’re about to revolutionize the way we do things here Meeeelers. You already know it’s time to get involved and make this year the best, and my job is to help everyone have fun. Also, I know us juniors are ready to take it to the top, and coming together as a school is how we’re going to make it work. #post4pulse