Hey guys, it’s CoChatt coming at you live from the library to let you know I’m the new Social Media Manager for I’m super excited to spread the word about the school and we’re about to revolutionize the way we do things here Meeeelers. You already know it’s time to get involved and make this year the best, and my job is to help everyone have fun. Also, I know us juniors are ready to take it to the top, and coming together as a school is how we’re going to make it work. #post4pulse

BSU singers

Grab your dress clothes and warm up those jazz hands! On April 27th at 3 pm, the world-renowned Ball State University Singers show choir will perform a special set for NHS students. Singers was ranked #1 Collegiate Entertainment Ensemble in 2012 and wants YOUR eyes and ears as they sing and dance the night away. The event will help the three NHS show choirs – Singers, New Dimension and Sensations – fundraise for the coming year. Read on OR click Here for tickets!
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